Midnight Sun Canoeing in Finnish Lapland

This new canoe route starts from Kolari, runs through Pello and ends in Ylitornio, Tornio River. The total length of the canoe route is about 160 km. The route is suitable for beginners and experienced kayakers. The route starts from Kolari, Aalisjärvi (coordinates: WGS48 N 67 ° 0,68 ‘and E 24 ° 30,53’) and flows all the way through Lake Miekojärvi to the Tornio River.

DSC_7723.jpg   Konttajoki sillalta.jpg

Canoeing through the whole route takes several days but you can canoe only part of the route, for example Aalisjärvi-Konttajärvi, Konttajärvi-Sirkkakoski, Miekojärvi, Pessalompolo-Portimojärvi, Tengeliö-Niuro. It is possible bypass the rapids. Here is the map https://aavasaksa.fi/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/A4_final.pdf

IMG_20180907_155655_318   IMG_20180907_155311_159.jpg

The route offers experiences for everyone: extreme wilderness, peaceful canoeing on lakes and still waters as well as speed and splash in the rapids. There are several campfire sites and resting areas along the route.


From lake Aalisjärvi to lake Konttajärvi the route takes you to a wonderful wilderness. From then on the route offers lovely small lakes and Lappish countryside, and you may see for example some beavers and swans on your way. Miekojärvi is very nice lake for canoeing. There are many islands, sandy beaches and campfire sites to visit. Amazing place to rest for example is Orhinselänniemi, sandy beach in Miekojärvi. Tengeliö River from Pessalompolo to Portimojärvi is suitable for beginners. Route has lakes, still waters and a few rapids.

IMG_20180905_184033_637.jpg   IMG_20180404_231320_129.jpg

The end of the route from Tengeliö to Tornio River is ideal for day trips. The route runs around Aavasaksa Hill and there’s a campfire site along the way. This trip takes about 3-4 hours including a lunch break by the campfire.

Before jumping in a canoe you should read the whole description of the entire route on their website www.aavasaksa.fi/reitit/melontareitit/yoettoemaen-yoen-melontareitti/  (the English version is coming soon) You must always have a map and compass. The route is marked with blue canoest signs.



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