WORKSHOP #1 – FROM IDEA TO BUSINESS: Learn more about pricing, packaging and product development

26th – 27th of October at Arctic River Lodge, Tärendö, SWE


  • How to create an award-winning product. Mr. Björn Ylipää, author of Smak av norrsken and awarded Best in the world; Food Writing and Arctic Gastronomy at the World Cookbook Award 2018. (ENG)
  • How to build a tourism company with the power to grow in Särkimukka. Mr. Johan Väisänen & Ms. Sara Ljunggren, owners of Explore the North on their story. (ENG)
  • How to create a package of tourism products and services. Mr. Lars Munk, Heart of Lapland on pricing and packaging. (SWE/ENG)
  • How to finance investments in a tourism business. Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten & LEADER on Investment support for the visiting industry. (SWE/FI)
  • How to sell tourism products online? Ms. Anne Kaakkuriniemi, Bókun on Online Sales, Booking Systems and Bókun. (FI/ENG)
  • Best Practises on Sales & Marketing. Ms. Laura Hokajärvi, Leader Tunturi-Lappi on Social Media and Digital Marketing Applications. (FI/ENG)

Have you recently started a business within the visiting industry, or maybe you have an idea on a business that you wish to realize? Perhaps you already are a tourism entrepreneur with a company that you want to develop or an association with an event that has potential to grow?

Join us for a workshop on how to take your idea into business. On 26th-27th of October we learn more about how to develop products in demand, how to put a price on them and how to sell them online. And of course, a great opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from both Sweden and Finland.

Program runs from
12:00 Friday 26th of October – 13:00 Saturday 27th of October (SWE time)
at Arctic River Lodge, Niemenrova 43, Tärendö, SWEDEN

Detailed program on:

The program will be held in English, Swedish and Finnish (see specification in the program). Limited number of participants. Participation is free of charge. Registrations are binding and must be made on October 10th 2018 at the latest. Remember to mention any food allergies in your registration.

More information:

Registration (Swedish participants) (Pello, Tornio & Ylitornio) (Enontekiö, Kittilä, Kolari & Muonio)

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