Doctor’s Orders: Daily Dose of Forest

Happy International Day of Forests!

International Day of Forests is celebrated on 21st March 2019. Since being announced by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012, this global day of celebration has aimed to raise awareness of the importance of all type of trees and woodland.

For starters, here are 10 good reasons why forests are important for your health:

10 reasons to enjoy forest


Nature treats anxiety

Stress and insufficient recovery from stress is an important public health concern. A lot of people have lost their nature connection, especially in big cities. Depression and other mental issues have increased and influence the quality of life and healthcare services.

Forest will heal even if you don’t consider yourself as an outdoor person. It’s enough if you just keep your eyes open, glance around the multiple tones of green and appreciate every form of wrinkled tree. A view which has both the feeling of shelter and space would have the best healing impact: like forest, beach or a field.

If you close your eyes, forest will continue the therapy. Then it’s all about the silence – or more precisely the sounds of forest: birds, water, humming of the wind.

Forest is also a place to escape. Nature does not require anything from you and it will give you a place to be free from social engagements.

The trees and plants will also emit oils called phytoncides. Phytoncides released from trees decrease the production of stress hormones and overall reduces stress in humans.

Forest bathing

Finland along with Japan, USA, Scotland and South-Korea are the leading countries in the forest therapy research. The findings are astonishing: playing in the forest will improve children’s memory, learning skills, thinking, attention span, creativity and problem solving.

Japanese use word ’shinrin-yoku’ for therapeutic walk in the forest. It is scientifically proven that Shinrin-Yoku forest therapy walks and programs lower blood pressure, pulse rate and reduce cortisol, stress hormone level. Other benefits are improved mood and creativity, increase ability to focus and boosted immune system.


Forest is a ‘quick fix’

20 minutes in the forest will already have positive impacts on your brain and gets your spirits up. It treats your brain as concretely as Prozac – and it’s way more healthier and natural.

Here’s how the forest will heal you:

  1. Couple of minutes in the forest: your blood pressure lowers
  2. 20 minutes in the forest: your mood will improve
  3. 1 hour in the forest: your ability to focus increases
  4. 2 hours in the forest: positive impact on immune system

And here’s your prescription. You’re welcome!

Forest prescription

Where to get your daily dosis?

How about one of the 40 Finnish National Parks? Or the forest just at your back yard?

‘This is Finland’ article – Picture This: All 40 Finnish National Parks

Finnish National Parks

Learn more on Everymen’s Rights


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