Workshop #2 in Hetta: Seminar, MatchMaking and Company Visits

Original Lapland’s Leader Fell Lapland team organized a workshop in Hetta in the end of April 2019. During the fully packed 3 day program we hosted 3 different activities for over 60 participants from Finland, Norway and Sweden. The agenda was built to support best practice sharing across the borders, build up new business relationships between participating companies and organizations and increase collaboration in general.


Wednesday April 24: Introductions

Wednesday’s late afternoon session was opened by Laura Hokajärvi, Project Manager at Leader Fell Lapland. Tiina Vuontisjärvi from Hetan Majatalo gave a short overview of their 95-year old family business and history.  All parcipants were asked to introduce themselves by choosing a power animal.

Bear was absolutely the most popular one: either we all felt really strong – or we’re just feeling a bit sleepy after the winter.

Based on the very first hour of the event, the latter wasn’t the case. The spirits were truly high and atmosphere was as warm as the weather: Hetta was experiencing a truly amazing heat wave of +17 degrees.


Before dinner, we also watched an interesting movie of Finnish smugglers crossing the Torniojoki – River Tornio between Sweden to Finland and smuggling coffee. The movie is also available in YouTube if you wish to watch it again. Here’s the link to Jopparit.

Thank you for ‘Our Stories team‘ for sharing this interesting glimpse to the history!


Thursday April 25: Seminar

On Thursday morning we packed ourselves into the Fell Lapland Visitor Center’s auditorium. Full agenda can be found here.


During the morning we learnt more on how each visit organization work, what are their challenges and how do they plan to attract new visitors to their region. Metsähallitus, Visit Finland, Finnair and Our Stories also shared their recent news. You can find further details of their projects from here:

WATCH THE FULL SEMINAR ONLINE ⇒ If you wish to watch the full recording of the event (3 hours), here’s the link to YouTube. Thank you Timo and Taina from Lapland News for making this possible!

All presentations can be found here:

Thursday April 25: MatchMaking

10 companies/organizations hosted MatchMaking table during the afternoon and on top both Finnair and VisitGroup had their desks for 1:1 meetings. Participants were spending 15-20 minutes at each table and the energy within the room was tangible. Each table host will receive notes from their meetings – thanks to our extended team members who took great care of their matchmaking teams.

READ MORE 〉〉〉      Hetta Workshop MatchMaking wrap-up and notes

NOTE: All personal contact requests are delivered only to matchmaking table hosts.


After the seminar the team enjoyed well deserved break at the terrace enjoying the warm sun and cold drinks. Before dinner we had a special guest visiting us: Tuomo Laakso came to joik and tell stories from the fells. Tuomo has been performing event in Talent Finland and he’s one of the local silversmiths and the owner of Koru Laakso.


Friday April 26: Company Visits

On Friday morning we visited 10 companies in Hetta. During the tour we got a good overview of Hetta’s various accommodation services, safaris and local handicrafts.

READ MORE 〉〉〉     Hetta Field Trip Company Visits – April 2019

Special thanks to Timo and Taina from Lapland News for shooting the seminar video and taking drone footage at our last stop.

Thank you all for joining the workshop! It was a blast and a pleasure to meet you all.

We hope to meet you soon again!





Additional materials:

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