LOMA-VIETONEN WORKSHOP-013At the beginning of September, it was time for the Outokaira Tuottamhan ry, to organize the third and final joint Original Lapland workshop at Loma-Vietonen. The two-day event brought together almost thirty actors from both sides of the river valley. The agenda was first to learn what’s going on in our area and in tourism marketing and then think about our future and how do we want it to be. See the full program here WORKSHOP #3 Program 5-6 September 2019 in Loma-Vietonen

Thursday September 5: What’s going on in our area and in tourism marketing?

After people arrived and enjoyed lunch, Iina Askonen, project manager at Leader Outokaira, opened the first day by welcoming all to the final common workshop event. Tuija Kariniemi-Saukkoriipi, the lady of the house, gave then a short presentation of their family business Loma-Vietonen. After that all participants were asked to introduce themselves.

Before Iina gave the floor to the actual speakers of the day, she presented the slide show of the Original Lapland project’s journey so far – so that everyone can understand what the project has been all about. It was quite emotional presentation and after that many wiped their eyes. You’ll find the slide show on our Youtube channel Original Lapland – our journey

Original Lapland 1

During the rest of the day we had these presentations:

  • Greetings from Tornio Valley Council, presented by their new executive director Tuula Ajanki
  • Case Tornio tourism masterplan, presented by project manager Katariina Huikari
  • Original Lapland – A success along the Swedish riverside, presented by Therése & Johan Wintervy
  • Best regards from Happiness guide. Visit Finland’s Rent a Finn -campaign, Hanna Kallioniemi
  • Influencer marketing & social media, presented by Terhi Tuovinen from House of Lapland

Here you will find all the pdfs of these presentations:
Tornedalsrådet, Tornionlaakson Neuvosto, Tuula Ajanki
Tornio Tourism master plan, Katariina Huikari
Therese & Johan – A success along the Swedish riverside
Rentafinn preso Original Lapland 05092019_Hanna Kallioniemi
Social media & influencer marketing_Terhi-Tuovinen, House of Lapland

After a short break and relaxation we gathered for a matchmaking dinner by the fire in a kota. There we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and read some fictional Original Lapland News from the future ORIGINAL LAPLAND NEWS 2030. During the evening, we all received a warm hug from the surprise guest.

Friday September 6: How do we want our future to be like?

The next morning we started by remembering a total of nine field trips that we have organized around the river valley during this project. See the slide show about these trips here ORIGINAL LAPLAND FIELD TRIPS #1-9

Second day we had only one important topic – how do we want the future of tourism in Torne Valley to be like? Hanna Lakkala from Finland Futures Research Centre guided us on this topic by telling us things like weak signals and megatrends.

Then it was time for us to work on the topic in small groups. The title of the group work was Tourism in the Torne Valley in 2030. Even though it was morning and some of us felt a bit tired, we had really good conversation and we created together very interesting visions. It would be wonderful if even some of these visions we created actually came true. What kind of future we would have!

Here is the summary of our future visions we created in our workshop

At the end of our workshop and as a joint conclusion, we all agreed that we can influence the future if there is a common will. Many of our future visions are not impossible if we work together and have common goals. I believe that many of us had a strong feeling after our workshop that somehow this collaboration should continue. Alone, without each other we can’t make these great visions really happen in our future.

BIG THANKS to our lovely hosts Tuija and Hiski – and all participants and presenters who joined us at Loma-Vietonen for the final Original Lapland-workshop!

Let’s hope this is just the beginning – not the end.

The Original Lapland Journey - not the end

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