• Many things to see and do on the river

          “Come along and we’ll show a Lapland you’ve never heard of.”

          Nature in all its splendour is present in everything. No need for Broadway shows. The locals help you to find the best performances nature has to offer.

          Your heart will sing and you’ll give a standing ovation as you take relaxing walk on a nature path or an exciting white-water excursion on the river.
          Not to mention cultural sights, interesting buildings and landmarks.

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          Our Lapland Invites You to Visit

          “We’ll take good care of you! Come along!”

          Sleep in a barn or in a five-star hotel decorated with magic of Lapland? A five-star dinner cooked with local ingredients, a quick packed lunch or more experimental cuisine with wild herbs? Paper art, traditional Lovikka mittens and reindeer products? In Our Lapland you’ll find a wide range of services.

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          Our Lapland is also Your Lapland

          “When you understand what Our Lapland is like, you won’t want to leave.”

          Our calendar is the Torne River
          When does the ice break? Is it already flooding? Is the salmon coming? Is the river already frozen?

          Our clock is the sun
          During the polar night the sun is barely rises, so why not stay in and take it easy. In summer there is light, night and day. So much time and so many nice things to do! Still, let’s take it easy. Have a seat, we’ll have a coffee and a chat.

          Take a moment to feel the rhythm of light and nature.

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          Mustikassa Vuoskuvaarassa elokuussa 2020. Kuvaaja Iina Askonen
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          Come along!

          The river runs hundreds of kilometres from the Torne Lake in northern Sweden to the far end of the Bay of Bothnia. The area of Original Lapland is vast and the distances may be long, however, the road network and connections cover the area well and getting from place to place is no problem.

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Twice the Magic

Follow the river – off the beaten track


We in the Original Lapland invite you to the shared cultural area of Finland and Sweden in the Tornio-Muonio River area, also called the Torne Valley, the friendliest riverside and border in the world. Visit us and experience our authentic Lapland, nature, culture and way of life.

Find Our Lapland

Off the beaten track. Find our Lapland’s hidden treasures. Meet our lovely people along the river. Little things that create big feelings.

We have a lot for you to do!

Get to know our easy-going and authentic Lapland. Relax in the tapestry of nature and animals. Meet people who are genuine and honest.

“When you realise what Our Lapland is like, you won’t ever want to leave.”

Variety of accommodation

Stay in a barn or relax in a five-star room decorated with Lapland’s magic. Under the stars or in a windmill. Unique accommodation along the river.

Pure flavours

Take a seat – we’ll serve you beautiful food and a nice cup of coffee. Taste our own fish, meat and berries – sustainable local food from our forests, river, fells and pastures. And, flat bread, naturally!

With love

Take a piece of Our authentic Lapland with you. Original Lapland products are made respecting the Torne River traditions, knowledge and spirit that our grandmothers and fathers have passed onto the next generation.

Pick the local tips

Along the riverway

The locals call the River Torne the Way. The riverside is dotted with sundry villages and towns. Get to know the eleven municipalities along the river and find your favourite. Each place has its own unique and attractive features. Here are a couple of nice ones!


A nice catch in Pello

Pello, the fishing capital of Finland warmly welcomes you to see and catch something special on the River Torne and the Lakes Miekojärvi and Koutusjärvi. On your own, in a group or with a guide.

White nights in Ylitornio

A wide range of services on both sides of the river and Aavasaksa, the oldest tourist destination in Lapland, attract people to see the picturesque scenery of the Torne Valley and the magic of the white nights.

Local products

Aavasaksa Scenic Trail

Aavasaksa Scenic Trail

Aavasaksa Ski Center

Aavasaksa Ski Center

Arctic Circle Ice Road

Arctic Circle Ice Road

Arctic Salmon Fishing with the Kelo Log Cottage

Arctic Salmon Fishing with the Kelo Log Cottage

Colonel´s hideaway and trail

Colonel´s hideaway and trail

Eero Mäntyranta Statue

Eero Mäntyranta Statue

Eero’s Scenic Trail

Eero’s Scenic Trail

Farm Escape – Escape Room with Real Animals at Farm

Farm Escape – Escape Room with Real Animals at Farm

Hotel Pellonhovi

Kukkolankoski cultural heritage

Kukkolankoski cultural heritage



Midnigt Sun Canoeing Routes

Midnigt Sun Canoeing Routes

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