• Many things to see and do on the river

          “Come along and we’ll show a Lapland you’ve never heard of.” Nature in all its splendour is present in everything. No need for Broadway shows. The locals help you to find the best performances nature has to offer. Your heart will sing and you’ll give a standing ovation as you take relaxing walk on a nature path or an exciting white-water excursion on the river. Not to mention cultural sights, interesting buildings and landmarks.

        • Things to Do

        • Explore nature

          explore nature-torne valley-river
        • Cultural sights

        • Events

        • Pello the Fishing Capital

          Pello-Tornio river, salmon fishing
        • Experience Ylitornio

          Original Lapland Aavasaksan kansallismaisemissa Ylitorniolla
        • SERVICES

          Our Lapland Invites You to Visit

          “We’ll take good care of you! Come along!”

          Sleep in a barn or in a five-star hotel decorated with magic of Lapland? A five-star dinner cooked with local ingredients, a quick packed lunch or more experimental cuisine with wild herbs? Paper art, traditional Lovikka mittens and reindeer products? In Our Lapland you’ll find a wide range of services.

        • Accommodation

        • Activities

        • Food and Drink

        • Our products

        • Meetings

        • Other services

        • OUR TIPS

          Our Lapland is also Your Lapland

          “When you understand what Our Lapland is like, you won’t want to leave.” Our calendar is the Torne River. When does the ice break? Is it already flooding? Is the salmon coming? Is the river already frozen? Our clock is the sun. During the polar night the sun is barely rises, so why not stay in and take it easy. In summer there is light, night and day. So much time and so many nice things to do! Still, let’s take it easy. Have a seat, we’ll have a coffee and a chat.

          Take a moment to feel the rhythm of light and nature.

        • Road Trips

          Road trip tips to Lapland
        • Local Gems

          Mustikassa Vuoskuvaarassa elokuussa 2020. Kuvaaja Iina Askonen
        • Our blog

        • Survival Guide

        • Different rhythm of life

          Original Lapland, Tornionlaakson syksy ja ruskan värit
        • Good to know


          Come along!

          The river runs hundreds of kilometres from the Torne Lake in northern Sweden to the far end of the Bay of Bothnia. The area of Original Lapland is vast and the distances may be long, however, the road network and connections cover the area well and getting from place to place is no problem.

        • Contact info

        • When you arrive

        • Sustainability

        • Members

          original lapland members-jäsenyritykset-yritykset-jäsenet-yhdistys
        • Towns and villages

          towns and villages-kunnat ja kylät
        • Our history

Survival Guide

Border crossing – so easy

On the river there are several official border crossing points. Although there are bridges to choose from, we tend to go for a neighbourly visit anywhere and with whatever vehicle we feel like: skis are good in winter as is a car, and in summer we take the boat, or swim. No worries!


The language we speak here is unique, here are a few examples:

  • Molisin, solisit, solis, molisimma, tolisitta, nolis = I would be, you would be, (s)he would be, we would be, you would be, they would be
  • Solekko tulla = come along (welcome)
  • Sole poka mikhään! = No worries or let’s take it easy
  • Ajjaa siutti = to pass, drive by
  • Havilinen = free to use, perfectly extra
  • Heti = (literally: immediately) soon
  • Kläppi = a child
  • Kävellä/mennä pahki = to bump into
  • Käet = (literally: cuckoos) hands
  • Lähteä völhjyyn = to come with
  • Vasittu = particular
  • Veitti ja kahveli = knife and fork



Poronkusema = ‘a reindeer’s piss’ is an old distance measurement used in Lapland. Poronkusema is the distance a reindeer can run in one go without peeing. While running, a reindeer cannot pee. Poronkusema can be up to 7.5 kilometres.

We’ll make some coffee

Having coffee is important. You may want to take some antacids with you unless you are a heavy duty coffee drinker.


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