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          “Come along and we’ll show a Lapland you’ve never heard of.” Nature in all its splendour is present in everything. No need for Broadway shows. The locals help you to find the best performances nature has to offer. Your heart will sing and you’ll give a standing ovation as you take relaxing walk on a nature path or an exciting white-water excursion on the river. Not to mention cultural sights, interesting buildings and landmarks.

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          Sleep in a barn or in a five-star hotel decorated with magic of Lapland? A five-star dinner cooked with local ingredients, a quick packed lunch or more experimental cuisine with wild herbs? Paper art, traditional Lovikka mittens and reindeer products? In Our Lapland you’ll find a wide range of services.

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          “When you understand what Our Lapland is like, you won’t want to leave.” Our calendar is the Torne River. When does the ice break? Is it already flooding? Is the salmon coming? Is the river already frozen? Our clock is the sun. During the polar night the sun is barely rises, so why not stay in and take it easy. In summer there is light, night and day. So much time and so many nice things to do! Still, let’s take it easy. Have a seat, we’ll have a coffee and a chat.

          Take a moment to feel the rhythm of light and nature.

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          The river runs hundreds of kilometres from the Torne Lake in northern Sweden to the far end of the Bay of Bothnia. The area of Original Lapland is vast and the distances may be long, however, the road network and connections cover the area well and getting from place to place is no problem.

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The Extremes of Light

The Extremes of Light

The life rhythm in Original Lapland is paced by light. At the time of the nightless night in midsummer the dark ceases to exist completely; during the polar night the light disappears. Everyday activities and mental movements adapt to the pace of nature’s cycle.

Even in the darkest time of the year, subtle moments of light appear at noon. The light behind the horizon paints the landscape in dreamy pastel shades. The hills and the fells are like a piece of art that is constantly evolving in shape.

In the polar night, kaamos, the afternoon twilight quickly fades and deep darkness descends for the evening. Life goes on even when there is no light, only the pace is different. Nature gives permission to save energy, seek peace and curl up in the corner of the sofa.

When winter breaks, the light quickly pushes away the darkness. The dazzling glitter dances on the bright white snow, the light takes over at a wild pace. The lengthening of the day gets people moving, the encounters increase, nature invites you to ski, go fishing, hike, enjoy the spring-winter hangout.

In the spring, when snow starts to melt in the yard and the eaves drip with water, there is light until the evening and already early morning. Spring rolls on, the arrival of summer is a true display of the power of light. There is a feeling of anticipation in the air.

In summer, there is light throughout the night, the sun does not set at all. Nature wakes up and its fierce pace catches on. The growing season is short but intense, bright summer nights are a special spice for plants. The times of the day dissolve into each other, there is room for natural rhythms. Life is at its most lively.

Now in the autumn, we are living in a time of great light changes. The days can be summer-like bright and mildly warm or dazzlingly clear and biting cool. In the evening light fades away and at night it gets completely dark. Autumn evenings are atmospheric: lanterns illuminate the courtyards and candles are brought out. The sound of rain on the rooftop is soothing. Dancing fire takes you to the basics: it’s good to stop at the campfire in the yard or by the fireplace to reflect life. The pulse decreases and the thoughts settle down.

In autumn, the temperature fluctuations are at their greatest and the time of the magical northern lights begins. The autumn sky of a snow-free time is a pitch-black background for the dance of colors. Before the rivers and lakes freeze, the fire fox’s tail wags are especially wonderful, when the reflection on the surface of the water adds to the experience.

The annual cycle of Original Lapland makes the extremes of light visible. In between, there is a rich spectrum of intensity and peace, color and pastel, strong and delicate. The light gives everything around its changing touch. The rhythm of life paced by light touches the soul.

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