Fell Lapland: Enontekiö, Kittilä, Kolari, Muonio

Upcoming 2019 Events


19th of June: Fell Lapland Arts & Culture Tour

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Project Original Lapland Events

Project Original Lapland will organize travel and tourism workshops in cooperation with Kideve Kittilä Development, Kolari municipality, Visit Ylläs, Muonio municipality, Muonio Travel Association and Enontekiö municipality across the Fell Lapland region: Kittilä, Kolari, Enontekiö and Muonio municipality areas during spring 2019.

These training sessions are held in Finnish and focus on wide range of useful travel and tourism topics:

  • State of travel industry in Finland and travel development projects lead by the regional and national travel associations and organization (House of Lapland, Visit Finland/Business Finland, LME)
  • Introduce you to travel legislation (Matkapakettilaki)
  • Introduce you to useful applications like Airbnb, Bókun, MailChimp
  • Provide you Social media training, mainly Facebook and Instagram

The content below is in Finnish, but if you would need more information in English, please contact Fell Lapland area´s project manager Laura Hokajärvi.