Once upon a time there was a vast pristine wilderness far up in the North, covered with ice. Only few animals could live there.

One day a powerful light came and liberated the land from the ice and tremendous water masses formed the region. A beautiful river valley was born. It was surrounded by many hills and fells, and soon the area was filled with rich forests and a wide variety of animals.

Eventually, mankind also found this new land where the waters offered plenty of fish and forests a lot of game. It was a great place to settle down.

Small villages were born. The land was called Lapland and the river as Väylä. The same language was spoken on the both sides of the river and people were very hospitable.

Although the distances were long and difficult to travel, the residents of the area still used to visit each other and talk until late at night. The midnight sun illuminated their way home in the summer, the shining snow in the spring and the bright stars, the moonlight or the northern lights in the winter.

Later, their world changed, because the rulers of the region decided to divide the area into two and draw a new border to the river.

However, people continued their lifes around the river as before and felt that they were still nationals of the same country on both sides of the river. The common language was preserved.

There are only a few today who have been able to experience this magic of Original Lapland, their unique lifestyle and the beauty of this region in different seasons.

In this valley the light of midnight sun is the most beautiful, the colors of autumn are the richest, the blue moments of winter are the bluest and the snow shines the brightest in the spring.

People say that this river valley is like Lapland’s Italy, whose inhabitants are lively, authentic and hospitable. They even eat as much rieska as pizza in Italy!