Our Team

Who are we?

Lapland is in all of our hearts and minds. Travel and tourism industry is familiar to us also in the practical side of business. We do understand the current and future trends of the business and have used social media as well as several different applications in our former jobs.


Tornedalen 2020´s Project Manager Jessica lives and has her office in Korpilompolo, Sweden – her family history is also in Korpilompolo. Jessica has strong project management background and of course lovely personality!

Outokaira´s Project manager Iina is located in Pello and she is originally from small village called Konttajärvi. She has been away for 20 years and now back in her original roots – and loves it!

Fell Lapland´s Project Manager Laura is originally from Rovaniemi. She has lived in Fell Lapland area for more than three years now and wouldn´t live below the Arctic Circle anymore. Laura´s office is in Kolari and she lives in Ylläsjärvi.

PROJECT HAS ENDED FEBRUARY 2020. Please contact info@originallapland.com if you want to join the Original Lapland association.